47th FINLANDIA-HIIHTO 22.-23.2.2020



The first skiing track has been opened in Lahti 1.11.2019

next to the iconic Lahti Ski Jump Hills.

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The lenght of the course is around one and a half kilometers. The past week we've had under zero temperatures during the night time so it's been possible to make the track with artificial snow. We like to thank city of Lahti for making this huge effort. The winter is upon us and it's now less than four months to the 47th Finlandia-hiihto at 22.-23.2.2020!          

Children's Finlandia brings 1500 school kids to enjoy Finlandia atmosphere

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Also this year Finlandia Ski Maraton encourages school children from the Lahti region to enjoy skiing. For the fifth time, Children’s Finlandia brings schoolkids from Lahti, Nastola and Hollola to have a nice day on skis together. Children’s Finlandia take plae on Thursday March 7th. This time about 1500 children have registered for the event. ”Compared to last year, the first- and second-graders route is skied as a little longer. Every year, we try to get a little baby from the previous year”, says Kari Koskinen, Director of Children's Finlandia. Co-operation with the Vierumäki Sports Insti ...

4400 skiers and lots of successful changes

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Finlandia Ski Marathon 2019 welcomed a total of 4400 skiers who saw also many improvements at the area. Overall, Raiko Pousi, the chairman of Finlandia Ski Marathon, was quite pleased after weekend. – We hoped a bit more late entries, but we can not be too dissappointed. We got improvements at the area, the look and feel improved, stadion area and event centre functioned well. When we moved dining to Vesijärvi hall, award ceremonies got more attention, Pousi said with satisfaction. The condition of tracks on Saturday were effected by challenging weather during the Finlandia week, but Pou ...

Mikkonen and Gräfnings FIS Worldloppet Cup wins in Lahti

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Juho Mikkonen and Maria Gräfnings took wins in 50 km free technique of Finlandia, which was also a FIS Worldloppet Cup event. Sini Alusniemi was the best Finn in ladies’ race finishing second. Mikkonen finished two seconds ahead of French Damien Tarantola, who was the best of strong French squas. – For me this was this season’s first long race, and I was surprised how well I could keep going, said Mikkonen. He managed to get eventually decisive gap of few meters to his rivals before the last downhill and as a strong sprinter, he knew he had victory in his hands. Maria Gräfings’ int ...

Luusua and Virtanen win classic 50 km races in Finlandia

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c6osuX8Hon2y Ari Luusua and Niina Virtanen were the winners of Finlandia Ski Marathon 50 km races. Luusua finished 6 seconds ahead of Aleksei Dvoskin (RUS), Mikko Kuusela took a third place. Niina Virtanen finished 1.49 minutes ahead of Noora Kivikko. Terhi Pollari was third. Luusua has finished first three times but this was his second victory as he was disqualified once. This time, he was accompanied by Dvoskin a long time of the journey. ”He challenged really well. During the last kilometer I noticed I had betters skis. I thought that if I get the difference of one meter or two met ...

Over 4,000 skiers have signed up for Finlandia Ski Marathon

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Over 4,000 skiers have signed up for Finlandia Ski Marathon 2019. In addition, 40 people take part in Fatbike mountain biking race on Sunday. You can still register for all events. The most popular race also this time is the traditional 50 kilometers. There are exactly 1672 skiers registered there, including Ari Luusua, who recently took a podium place Ski Classics, and Aku Nikander, the relay gold medallist at Finnish National, and many other well-known long-distance skiers. A total of 2204 skiers have already signed up for Saturday. ”There are more registrations than in the corresponding ...

Confirmation Letters

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have been sent at Monday 18.2.2019. You can confirm your bib number from the Starting List.
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  • 47th Finlandia-hiihto will be raced 22th and 23rd of February, 2020.
  • 50 km, 32 km and 20 km races in Classic Technique at Saturday 23rd of February 2019.
  • 50 km, 32 km and 20 km races in Free Technique at Sunday 24th of February 2019.
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Finlandia-hiihto (Finlandia Ski Marathon) is an non-profit organization. The income (after expenses) will be divided between the two organizing local sports clubs - Lahden Hiihtoseura (Lahti Ski Club) and Hollolan Urheilijat -46 (Hollola Athletics '49). By participating you are supporting local youth athletics.