50th FINLANDIA-HIIHTO 25.-26.2.2023



Annual General Meeting in Mora

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Please note that one of the most extensive decisions made during the 3-days-meeting was concerning the ongoing military aggression from Russia against the Ukraine. As Worldloppet stands for freedom, peace, unity and inter-cultural exchange, Worldloppet has the responsibility to not be silent about this topic. More at www.worldloppet.com/annual-general-meeting-in-mora-with-extensive-decisions

Finlandia Ski Marathon 2022

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Finlandia ski marathon in 2022 was different from the traditional one and was only skied on one day. The skiing style on Sunday’s joint start was classic. A total of 815 participants entered the competition. For this year the route had been renewed and the distances skied were, 65 km, 32 km and 20 km. The route had familiar places from the history of the race, including the legendary Uskila Rise. ...

Registration continues until 19th of February

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CONFIRMATION LETTERS HAS BEEN SENT 17.2.2022 Finlandia-hiihto will be skied in the classic style on February 20, 2022. The courses are 65, 32 and 20 km. Everyone participant whom completes the route on time receives a medal and a digital diploma. We will continue the registerion until Saturday 19th of February. You can register here. There is no last minute registrations on Sunday. The ...

Situation update 2nd Feb 2022

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The restrictions on Covid-19 have been lifted on Lahti region and this enables us to take unlicensed skiers into the competition, which is skied in the classic style on 20.2.2022. The competition will start on Sunday 20 February 2022 at 9:00AM. Registration for new skiers opens on February 3, 2022. More detailed arrangements for the event will be confirmed later and more information can be f ...

Situation update 1st Feb 2022

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Local health authorities are currently lifting the restrictions and although there are no actual decisions regarding the Lahti region yet, this still allows us to prepare for the fact that we could take un-licensed participants into classic style competition for 65, 32, and 20 km on February 20, 2022. If the restrictions are lifted we will open registration for new skiers. We will inform you ...

FINLANDIA SKI MARATHON will be held as a competition on February 20, 2022

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Due to the current covid-19 situation, Finlandia ski marathon cannot be organized as planned from 12 to 13 February. Local officials have imposed restrictions on public events that last until 19.2.2022 Finlandia ski marathon will be organized as a competition on Sunday 20 February. with Classic Style for 65, 32 and 20 km. On February 20, 2022, you can participate in the ski race with a FIS ...
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  • 50th Finlandia-hiihto will be raced 25th and 26th of February, 2023.
  • You can choose between 65 km, 32 km and 20 km courses - both classic and free-style.
  • Classic Technique at Saturday 25th - Free Technique at Sunday 26th.
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Finlandia-hiihto (Finlandia Ski Marathon) is an non-profit organization. The income (after expenses) will be divided between the two organizing local sports clubs - Lahden Hiihtoseura (Lahti Ski Club) and Hollolan Urheilijat -46 (Hollola Athletics '49). By participating you are supporting local youth athletics.