February 27.-28th 2021

  • Lahti Ski Club (LHS) and Hollola Athletics (HU -46) are responsible to organize Finlandia-hiihto.
  • HU -46 is responsible for the course, pits stops and the starting area.
  • LHS is responsible for the overall management, marketing, economics, PR, registrations and the race office.

    Executive Committee

    Mr Raiko Pousi
    Chairman of the Executive Committee
    Mr Henri Rauhamäki
    Vice Chairman EC
    HU -46
    Mrs Heidi Passila
    HU -46
    Mr Erkki Raita
    Mr Ismo Hämäläinen
    Mr Tommi Lanki
    City of Lahti
    Mrs Auli Kasakkamäki-Heikkinen
    County of Hollola
    Mr Juha Viljamaa
    Advisory member
    Mr Esko Saari
    Advisory member
    Mr Teemu Virtanen
    Advisory member
    Mrs Tiina Hernesniemi

    Organizing Committee

    Mr Henri Rauhamäki
    Chairman of the Organizing Committee
    Mr Esko Saari
    Vice Chairman OC
    Mrs Tiina Hernesniemi
    Secretary General
    Mrs Heidi Passila
    Race Manager
    Mr Hannu Viitala
    Marketing Manager
    Mr Anton Floor
    Press & Media Manager
    Mr Sami Kulmala
    Mr Juha Tuominen
    Stadium Manager
    Mr Mikko Reitti
    Program Manager
    Mr Arto Manninen
    City of Lahti
    Mr Esa Auranen
    County of Hollola
    Mr Juho Makkonen
    First Aid
    LAB University of Applied Sciences
    Mr Jukka Lehtinen
    Course Master
    Mr Hannu Ojala
    Race Office Manager
    Mr Kari Käyhkö
    Mr Raine Nurminen
    Security Chief
    Mr Jukka Klinga
    Catering Manager
    Mr Tapani Levelä
    Logistics Manager
    Mr Pekka Lundgren
    Transport Manager
    Mr Kari Koskinen
    Finlandia Kids Event
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    • 48th Finlandia-hiihto will be raced 27th and 28th of February, 2021.
    • You can choose between 65 km, 32 km and 20 km courses - both classic and free-style
    • Classic Technique at Saturday 27rd - Free Technique at Sunday 28th
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    Finlandia-hiihto (Finlandia Ski Marathon) is an non-profit organization. The income (after expenses) will be divided between the two organizing local sports clubs - Lahden Hiihtoseura (Lahti Ski Club) and Hollolan Urheilijat -46 (Hollola Athletics '49). By participating you are supporting local youth athletics.