February 22-23rd 2020

Luusua and Virtanen win classic 50 km races in Finlandia


Ari Luusua and Niina Virtanen were the winners of Finlandia Ski Marathon 50 km races. Luusua finished 6 seconds ahead of Aleksei Dvoskin (RUS), Mikko Kuusela took a third place. Niina Virtanen finished 1.49 minutes ahead of Noora Kivikko. Terhi Pollari was third.

Luusua has finished first three times but this was his second victory as he was disqualified once. This time, he was accompanied by Dvoskin a long time of the journey.

”He challenged really well. During the last kilometer I noticed I had betters skis. I thought that if I get the difference of one meter or two meters before the final downhill, and that was how it was. A bit like last year, only this time I was double poling”, Luusua said.

His next goal will be Vasaloppet, which he has raced twice before, finishing 14th at his best. Virtanen said skiing was ”kind of easy”.

”But I did start to feel it towards the end. After Heinsuo I started to hav some cramps in my arms, but with Finnish ”sisu” I pushed until the end. Service was so good today”, Virtanen said with a smile.

For Virtanen it was one of her main goals this season.

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