FINLANDIA SKI MARATHON will be held as a competition on February 20, 2022

Due to the current covid-19 situation, Finlandia ski marathon cannot be organized as planned from 12 to 13 February. Local officials have imposed restrictions on public events that last until 19.2.2022 Finlandia ski marathon will be organized as a competition on Sunday 20 February. with Classic Style for 65, 32 and 20 km.

On February 20, 2022, you can participate in the ski race with a FIS license (or if you're a member of a Finnish ski club then at least a Skipass-level national license). Participants must submit the license numbers to by 16 February 2022.

Participation, for those who do not participate in the ski race on 20 February 2022, will automatically move to 2023.

More information on licenses and registration can be found soon on our website.

Virtual Finlandia 12-19 February 2022

Virtual Finlandia is a virtual alternative to Finlandia ski marathon for organizing the event during a pandemic. The purpose of the virtual event is to give sports fans the opportunity to participate in the event independently and as safely as possible.

You can register for the virtual event on Finlandia ski marathon website. Registration for Virtual Finlandia will open 24th Jan 2022. The event has a time limit for participating in the event. You can register for the event in advance and you can register until the last day when the event is active.

The virtual activity can be done on 12-19 February 2022 and information about the performance will be sent to the result service system. The 12-13 February route will be opened in Lahti following the Finlandia route. On the marked route, you participate in Virtual Finlandia skiing on your own and at your own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any damage, whether any damage to health or property. Participants must comply with applicable government regulations.

Virtual Finlandia is not a competition and no prizes will be awarded. 10 participation to the 2023 Finlandia ski marathon will be drawn among the participants. Each participant will receive a Virtual Finlandia diploma for their performance.

Registration for Virtual Finland opens on January 24, 2022

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  • 50th Finlandia-hiihto will be raced 25th and 26th of February, 2023.
  • You can choose between 65 km, 32 km and 20 km courses - both classic and free-style.
  • Classic Technique at Saturday 25th - Free Technique at Sunday 26th.
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Finlandia-hiihto (Finlandia Ski Marathon) is an non-profit organization. The income (after expenses) will be divided between the two organizing local sports clubs - Lahden Hiihtoseura (Lahti Ski Club) and Hollolan Urheilijat -46 (Hollola Athletics '49). By participating you are supporting local youth athletics.