Finlandia Ski Marathon 2022

Finlandia ski marathon in 2022 was different from the traditional one and was only skied on one day. The skiing style on Sunday’s joint start was classic. A total of 815 participants entered the competition. For this year the route had been renewed and the distances skied were, 65 km, 32 km and 20 km. The route had familiar places from the history of the race, including the legendary Uskila Rise.

The fastest skier to complete the 65km run was Kari Varis (Team Kaskipuu), who won the Finlandia ski marathon for the 12th time. "There were no challenges, a smooth loop." Varis commented after reaching the finish line. Varis skied in the top group all the way and at the Heinsuo break point the top four led by Varis started to make a difference to the rest of the group. Second place went to Juuso Mattila (Team Lappaja), who came only one second behind the winner. Also a second from Mattila, Vili Hämäläinen (Team Kaskipuu) was third.

Oona Kettunen (Team Kaskipuu) won the women's series with a time of 3.18.08. “I got off to a good start with the men’s group very well. Fortunately, I was able to keep the lead until the end. ” Kettunen clarified her tactics in the finish. Suvi Karjaluoto (Oulu Racing Brothers) was second to Kettunen after losing almost 5 minutes. Katariina Lonka (Ikaalinen Athletes) was third in the finish line with a time of 3.29.43.

A total of 150 skiers set off for the 32 km run. The fastest in the men's competition Joni Karjalainen kept up the pace with a time of 1.47.05, followed by Henri Erkkilä crossing the finish line 13 seconds behind the winner. The bronze medal went to Jussi Uitto with a time of 1.47.35. 

In the women’s series Marja-Terttu Repo skied to a dominating win with a time of 1.47.38. Amalia Lindén crossed the finish line in second place with a time of 2.15.24 and Johanna Liukkonen came in third at 2.20.18.

The men’s 20km race was won by Roni-Eemil Norrbacka with a time of 1.05.26. Jani Mikkonen, who came in second, was about six minutes behind. The winner with a time of 1.11.28 and Joel Seppälä came in third about eight minutes behind (1.13.19). In the women’s race, the differences grew big when the winner Anni Gustafsson came to the finish line by 1.18.05, almost nine minutes before second-placed Nina Andersen (1.26.52). Elisa Ylilehto was third with a time of  1.42.28.

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Finlandia-hiihto (Finlandia Ski Marathon) is an non-profit organization. The income (after expenses) will be divided between the two organizing local sports clubs - Lahden Hiihtoseura (Lahti Ski Club) and Hollolan Urheilijat -46 (Hollola Athletics '49). By participating you are supporting local youth athletics.